Wedding showers aren’t just for the bride anymore—one of the most popular and trendy ways to celebrate upcoming nuptials are with a co-ed wedding shower! This opens the door to all kinds of opportunities for fabulous décor, scrumptious menus, and of course, great games and activities! No matter what your party theme or number of guests, we’ve rounded up tons of fantastic ideas for you to make this party truly unforgettable and loads of fun.


These types of games are a must-have for any co-ed wedding shower, as this will start the event off with mingling and laughter. A guest favorite that works brilliantly for this is Guess the Celebrity. You can put a delightful wedding theme on the game, too! You’ll be writing the name of a famous celebrity married couple and taping it on guests’ back as they come in, and they’ll have to ask other guests yes or no questions to try and guess just whose name is on that paper. This gets conversations started between guests immediately, and you can also hand out prizes to those who guess their secret celebrity couple the fastest. Another great icebreaker activity is to give guests as they walk in a list of twenty questions about the bride and groom that only other specific guests can answer. This gets the guests to meet every single person at the wedding shower before the party even gets started! And everyone gets to find out a little bit more cool stuff about the future happy couple, too!

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Traditional Games

You can’t go wrong with classic wedding shower games, such as wedding themed bingo or engagement / marriage mad libs. Bride or Groom? also called He Said She Said is also a fantastic game that gets every single guest involved and is extremely nostalgic and special, as well. Guests have to guess through a series of questions of memories which is about the bride and which is about the groom. Guests will learn a lot about the future Mr. and Mrs. with this activity, apart from the fact that all the tidbits are so memorable, too. You can put a unique twist on another classic, The Toilet Paper Wedding Dress activity in which both men and women are separated into two teams. The mean have to make a wedding dress on each other with toilet paper, while the women have to make a tux. Whoever has the best outcome the fastest wins a prize! This also serves as a pretty neat icebreaker activity in getting people involved in teamwork and plenty of laughter to go around.


Unique Activities

Off the wall and one of a kind wedding shower games are truly a staple of the event, as these can be catered to the bride and groom’s personalities or even the theme of the wedding itself. Wedding Trivia is an awesome place to start, and you have limitless options when it comes to what you can do with this. Whether you opt for general wedding event trivia or something more specific to the future happy couple, you can spin the trivia game any way you choose that the guests will love the most. Another hilarious activity that guests won’t soon forget is Guess the Groom. Here, the bride to be is blindfolded and has to walk around the room trying to guess which guest is actually her groom! Of course, you can’t forget to somehow tie in social media, so get ready to give guests a truly outlandish game with Whose Status? Collect several status updates from both the bride and groom’s social media profiles and have guests guess whose status is whose! Again, expect a lot of loud laughter with this one.

When it comes to shower games, you can really let your creativity shine. No matter if your party is two hours or all day, you can truly give guests a special treat with awesome activities to keep them engaged and entertained. Whichever games you decide on—maybe all of them!—your co-ed wedding shower is sure to be one people are talking about for years to come; perhaps even almost as much as the wedding itself!