Wedding season is upon us, and a huge part of the big day is honoring the loved guests who come to share in the romantic event. With so much already to set up, create, and plan for in regards to flowers, décor, venue, etc., it can be overwhelming and albeit challenging to decide on the perfect wedding favor for guests. Luckily, there are practically limitless options when choosing memorable gifts that everyone will truly love!

There are many different types of great wedding favors, depending on what you’re looking for. Edibles, keepsakes, and themed guest gifts are just naming a few, so you can really let your imagination have fun with sorting through all the choices you have. Personalized keepsakes are the most popular type of wedding guest favors today, and what’s great about these is that your guests will walk away with something that lets them remember your wedding way beyond the big day itself. Monogrammed stemless wine glasses, etched crystal coasters, or sparkling bottle stoppers are all fantastic favors that guests really enjoy.

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Edibles and handmade items are another extremely popular favor option, and these are as unique as they are incredibly special. Burlap jars with homemade jams or old family recipes are always a hit, along with gourmet candies and treats that are one-of-a-kind. An assortment of candies such as personalized M&M’s or just chocolate in general are delicious and a sweet representation of the love story of the bride and groom. Of course, you really can’t ever go wrong with the famous matrimonial, powder blue Jordan almonds, either!

If you have a more fun, silly style, then there are a plethora of popular favors in this area as well. Personalized sunglasses, coasters, keychains, and shotglasses are all splendid gifts that remind guests of just how much of a good time they had on your big day. These happy favors are also useful in everyday life, so it’s as if your guests will be carrying you around with them pretty much all the time!

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Unique and creative wedding favors that you don’t find at just any big even are also an attractive option, and they are a delightful surprise to guests. Mini teapot infusers, crafty whisks, or specialized packets of floral seeds are all wonderful favors that no one expects but that everyone really loves. Guests especially always enjoy takeaways that are themed, such as “I love you” being transformed into “Olive you!” flavored bottles of olive oil or an “open bar” set of cocktail tools like shakers and jigs. Mini honeypots and even heart-shaped pizza cutters are also sweet and humorous little gifts. A good play on words mixed with a theme make for an unforgettable favor that will put a smile on any guest’s face.

Traditional wedding favors always have a top spot on what’s popular. These timeless gifts are what guests have come to adore and even expect at great weddings, so embrace this if it fits your personal taste. Candles, bubbles, matches, and cutlery are all examples of vintage wedding favors that guests of all types still love and are excited to see. When going through all the options of wedding gifts for your loved ones, don’t forget about these classic favors that never go out of style as well.

The creation of great gift favors doesn’t stop at the actual favor itself—the biggest magic is without a doubt in the packaging. Lace bags with silk ribbons or oriental cartons with intricate lettering designs are both insanely sought after options to present your wedding favors in. Shining metal tins, woven baskets, and ornate glass boxes are un-disposable, which adds even more flair and fabulousness to the favors themselves.

Regardless of how you choose to commemorate your big day with guest wedding favors, putting this delightful surprise for loved ones has never been more versatile, exciting, or easier.

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