tying the knot wedding ideas

Nautical designs have become popular in weddings in these past couple years as more and more couples choose to go with the trend of “tying the knot”. What better way to incorporate being married than with a nautical theme? In recent years, more wedding suppliers have come out with nautical themed decor, favors and even drink ware that couples can incorporate into their themed reception. So what are some fun ways for you to work in this nautical theme if you do not want it to take over the entire theme of the wedding? We have some great ideas for you.

Wedding Favors

Personalized Natural Cotton Wedding Favor Bag nautical wedding

Thank your guests by joining you in tying the knot with these fantastic natural cotton favor bags. Not only do guests love favors that can be re-used and not just sit on a shelf collecting dust, but you can fill these bags with other little items. If you are having a destination wedding, consider filling them with items they can use during the rest of their stay, such as sunscreen, lip balm, bath products and much more.

nautical wedding Lip Balm Party FavorSunglasses with Personalized Labels tying the knot Personalized Sunscreen with Carabiner

Your guests want to see everyone in the wedding party during the ceremony, and if it is outside there is a chance that the sun will be shining bright. Another great wedding favor to offer are sunglasses that you can personalize with your names and wedding date if you choose. That way, everyone will be able to see and will get a great pair of sunglasses that they can use over again and it will make for a great photo opportunity with all the guests wearing matching shades.

tying the knot wedding favor life savers Nautical Rope Place Card Holder


A great way to work in the nautical theme without having to go all out is with glassware. You can choose to purchase for everyone in attendance, or just use them at the head table as a cute extra. These can be personalized rocks glasses, shot glasses, or various different stemware items as well. Don’t count out personalized plastic cups either, especially if you are having a reception on a beach that does not allow glass containers.

nautical Stemless Wine Glass

You can also choose to keep your guests well hydrated with personalized water bottles that you can have on ice during your ceremony and reception. If your special day takes place outside or where it can be hot, make sure that this kind of thing is offered so that no one risks heat or sun stroke. This is another great way to work in the nautical theme without it being the predominant theme of the wedding.