A wedding is a once in a lifetime event that loved ones come to happily celebrate with the bride and groom. There are so many moving parts to a wedding itself, from rehearsals to the ceremony to the most important of all—the reception. The most remarkable and unforgettable big days are those that provide some seriously awesome fun for the guests, and this can be simply done with the right games and activities.

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Like any other great party, a wedding reception can really bring together every single guest with the right icebreaker games. Sticking with classic icebreakers might be the way to go, especially if the main goal is to get guests mingling and meeting each other. Use sticky notes with the names of celebrities or famous brides and grooms, or whatever works best for the particular wedding theme, and put these on guests’ backs as they arrive to the reception. During cocktail hour, guests will be tasked with asking yes or no questions to other guests about the name on the sticky note on his or her back in order to figure it out! Guests really get into the spirit and competition of this game, and there will also be tons of derailed side conversation as guests meet each other.

Another classic option is “Guest Bingo” in which the bingo cards consist of facts about other guests. Conversation starts immediately as guests try to get their bingo spaces filled up fast!

Active Games

One of the best parts of a wedding reception that all guests love is the dancing. Hence why games that involve moving around are especially fun. Scavenger hunts in particular are a great way to both entertain and keep guests interactive with each other. “I Spy” is a scavenger hunt type activity in which guests are given a list of wedding “I Spy” opportunities to find around the wedding reception. Guests can group up into pairs, teams, or even individuals, and this can really take guests on an adventure. Another extremely active game involves a classic wedding reception song, such as “The Chicken Dance” or something that has simple dance moves involved. Chairs are set up in the spirit of “Musical Chairs” and guests have to dance to the dance while moving around in hopes to catch a chair. Chairs gradually are taken away after every song play until the final winner grabs the last seat! If the wedding reception is outdoors, some other great options that everyone can get into are “Cornhole”, “Tug of War”, or “Horseshoes”.


Social games and activities are a bit like icebreakers in the way that they get guests to mingle and socialize together in a laid-back setting. Social activities can also be blended in with the reception’s array of food and drink. Try a wine and cheese tasting activity, or any sort of pairing with both food and drink. Guests love this and it certainly offers a one of a kind experience, as

well. Speaking of food, another awesome social activity is a “Guess the Ingredients” game, in which a handful of appetizers (like dips or quiches) are laid out and guests have to guess what 3-5 ingredients make up the yummy food. The wedding cake itself can even be used for this activity, as every guest is sure to have a piece of that treat!


Just like the wedding itself, the games can be special in their own way, too. There are tons of creative activities to incorporate into a wedding reception, and sometimes you can even mix traditional with new! For example, an alternative to a classic guest photo booth involves setting up an area in which guests snap photos while holding up a chalkboard where they have written well wishes, funny sayings, or even memories of the bride or groom. On the spot games are also loads of fun, and the more creative, the better. Put guest names into a hat and have other guests draw out a name. Hand out a canvas and some markers and have the two guests pair off—one posing and one drawing. Lots of laughter will ensue, most certainly! Another on the spot game that gives guests a giggle involves amateur poetry. Pair guests off with someone they don’t know and have the two write a short, funny poem together about the bride and groom. This mixes Mad Libs and an icebreaker type activity together in one!

No matter what games and activities are chosen to be included in the wedding reception, don’t forget fun prizes for participating, and of course, tons of photos taken so that guests can remember what a great time they had for always. Enlisting the help of the wedding announcer or DJ is also a great way to keep guests engaged in every activity. Of course, you absolutely can’t do without a social wedding app for guests to share the fun they are having all night long!