Floral Elegant Blue and Pink Wedding

Beeunikeevents planned this brilliantly designed Floral Elegant Wedding celebration. The venue chosen was quite large to accommodate the guests comfortably with large windows that featured fantastic elegant curtains.

The bride and groom had their own special table set at the front of the room, making it easy for all of the guests to stop and visit as they enjoyed food.  A sweet pastel floral archway made a lovely frame for this section.  The table was lined with massive bouquets to showcase the floral theme perfectly.  To really spoil the vips, large throne like chairs were used for them to sit in. The front of the table had pretty white candles on the ground to add a soft touch of lighting.

To the side of this table the bridal cake took the stage with a phenomenal design. It was tiered with many layers, frosted in pink and blue.  It stood on its own round table that was also surrounded with candles for a sweet effect.

The guest tables were large and round to make plenty of space for everyone to sit comfortably.  Light table covers made perfect bases for the large bouquets at the center of each table. The chairs had a sophisticated look with golden frames and white fabric swatches on the backs. Each place setting featured a fantastic blue napkin shaped into a bow with a round name tag so everyone would know right where to sit.  Large golden frames showcased the table numbers in lovely, elegant fonts to make it simpler for everyone to find their place.  At the rooms entryway there was also a massive board placed on an easel that had the seating arrangement listed out, ensuring that the crowd would be able to find their place smoothly to spend more time eating and enjoying each others company.













Planning/design – Beeunikeevents

Cake by: Karina Alcantara

Photography courtesy of Marvin Peralta Photography