How to Prepare for a Winter Wedding

It’s the holiday season already and you can most definitely feel it in the air. The cold bite of the wind gets stronger and the snow outside builds up higher and higher with every passing day. It’s a great time of year for shopping, family reunions and most importantly, weddings! Contrary to popular belief, the perfect wedding is not always on a tropical island somewhere in front of a sunset.

Winter weddings require different preparation for both the bride and groom. In general, winter months have proven to be harsh when it comes to our health. So that means you must be proactive if you’re planning to walk down the aisle in the colder days of the year!

Couple Preparing for a Winter Wedding


With those bitter winter winds comes some very dry air. Add to that the fact that the season of colds has us washing our hands all throughout the day. Dry, cracked hands are not something a bride and groom want to look back on in their wedding pictures. Another effect brought on by the cold winds? Cold sores and chapped lips. It is essential to moisturize both your skin and lips so that all memories from your wedding day don’t include a painful, “You may now kiss the bride” moment. Applying lotion frequently throughout the day will hinder those hands from cracking, and using a simple cold sore medication or a medicated lip balm will help immensely.

winter wedding taking care of hair and hands

Take Care of Your Hair!

Something else that’s always at risk in the cold air is your hair. In the winter, your hair is more likely to dry out, become frizzy and develop split-ends. That means that on your wedding day your hair is less likely to cooperate and may not stay in place. To avoid problem hair on your big day, cut off your dead-ends and find a moisturizing shampoo that seems to work best for you. If you really want to stay ahead of the game, become a regular visitor at your hair salon so that you continue to grow healthy hair.

Drink Water!

As we’ve already covered, many winter health problems come from a lack of hydration and things becoming dried out. Drink as much water as you can throughout the day, or at least the recommended amount of eight 8 oz. cups a day. Even though a lot of people find it difficult to fit that much water into their daily intake, it is good to include as much as possible, even when you do not hit the recommended amount. Drinking water will not only hydrate your hair, it will hydrate your skin and lips as well. To add to the benefits, water prevents breakouts, builds up your immune system and improves your mental health. All things a bride and groom will benefit from leading up to their big day!

drinking plenty of water before wedding

Eat Healthy!

Drinking all the water in the world would not alone be sufficient in maintaining a well-balanced diet. When we talk about eating right, we’re talking about doing so, so that you feel good and not necessarily with the goal to lose weight. If you’re planning a winter wedding you are probably going to have to make it through the holidays first. Which means you likely will be indulging in all of the tasty treats and increasing your normal sugar intake. As obvious as it sounds, including fruits and vegetables can be noticeably beneficial to your overall well-being. When including these routinely into your diet throughout the months leading up to your wedding can help put you in the best mood and shape possible for your wedding day.

Get some sleep!

During such a chaotic time of wedding planning, it can seem nearly impossible to get a reasonable amount of sleep. Just when you’re about to drift off, you think of one more thing that needs to get done that you forgot about. Next thing you know it’s two o’clock in the morning and you still have to be up early the next day. So, in the midst of running all of those wedding errands, plan it out so that you have the night to sit back and relax. Get a good amount of sleep so that you can get done all the things that need to be checked off the list during the day-and at a much faster pace.

How to Prepare for a Winter Wedding